POSSE-Worcester – June 9th

Today we tried to work with Measure to see whether we can tackle some bugs.  We broke the code(!) many times.  The features we wanted to implement/fix seem to involve changing Sugar code and we were reluctant to try that path.

Just going over the code to make sense of Measure was itself fun.

“Maddog” delivered an interesting lecture/presentation in the afternoon.  Lots of interesting facts.

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Posse Homework – day 2 by Aparna Mahadev


It is the second day at Posse Worcester and we did some cool stuff.  We played around with sugarlabs Abacus code in Python.  I have never seen or worked with Python code before and I was able to get the gist of it and modify the code to do something useful.

We are supposed to work in groups today and develop some guidelines/document.

Looking forward to it.

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Homework for 6/7/10

Hi I was asked to create a blog entry as part of our homework as part of Posse workshop.  Today, we got introduced to what Open Source projects particularly to sugarlabs.

Today, all of us were asked do the following

All in all, it was a fun and fruitful day.

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Hello from Aparna

This is my first blog as part of my Posse Worcester activity.  Umm, I have to think about what I want to say in my blog.  Just now, I am happy that I have an initial  blog.  That is all folks

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